Public Notices

Branch ISD is required under Michigan law to publish many notices of a general nature.

Statement on Non-Discrimination

The Branch County ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, disability, height, weight or marital status in its programs, services and activities. The following persons has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Section 504/ADA/Michigan Disabilities

Title VI/TitleIX/Age/Genetic Discrimination Act Coordinators

Darrin Adair
Assistant Superintendent of Special Education

Diane Shiery

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

Branch Intermediate School District
370 Morse St.
Coldwater, MI 49036

Emergency Drill Logs

Drill #LocationDateTime of DayWeather Conditions# ParticipatingTotal TimeSupervisor
Fire Drills - 5 per year
09-07-20239:56 AM67 Cloudy; Mist2763:14M. Rasmussen/R. Broughman
BACC - PM09-07-202312:37 PM68 Cloudy2582:34M. Rasmussen/R. Broughman
2BACC - AM10-04-20238:15 AM68 Cloudy2643:34M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC - PM10-04-202311:50 AM79 Cloudy2453:20M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
3BACC - AM11-03-2023
BACC - PM11-03-2023
4BACC - AM04-18-2024
BACC - PM04-18-2024
5BACC - AM05-08-2024
BACC - PM05-08-2024
Tornado Drills - 2 per year
1BACC - AM09-22-202310:00 AM66 Cloudy2633:17M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC - PM09-22-20231:15 PM66 Sunny2462:24M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
2BACC - AM03-21-2024
BACC - PM03-21-2024
Lock-Down Drills - 3 per year
1BACC - AM09-12-20238:32 AM65 M. Cloudy2744:03M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC - PM09-12-20231:03 PM65 M. Cloudy2514:49M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
2BACC - AM01-12-2024
BACC - PM01-12-2024
3BACC - AM04-15-2024
BACC - PM04-15-2024


Fire Drills – 5 drills
1)9/14/2023Sunny 671:00 p.m.991:35Wright/Iveson
2)10/10/2023Mostly Cloudy 4710:15 a.m.822:33Wright/Iveson
3)11/7/2023Cloudy 4910:00 a.m.942:14Wright/Iveson
4)3/15/20249:45 a.m.
5)5/13/20241:00 p.m.
Tornado Drills – 2 drills
1)9/29/2023Sunny 6210:15 a.m.872:05Wright/Iveson
2)3/4/202411:30 a.m.
Lock-Down Drills – 3 drills
1)10/23/2023Sunny 4110:00 a.m.911:05Wright/Iveson
2)1/19/2024Cloudy 219:45 a.m.831:46Wright/Iveson
3)4/18/202412:30 p.m.

Drill #LocationDateTime of DayWeather Conditions# ParticipatingTotal TimeSupervisor
Fire Drills - 5 per year
1BACC-AM09-08-202210:00 AM67 Sunny2793:14M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM09-08-20221:00 PM76 Partly Sunny2293:48M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
2BACC-AM10-04-20228:15 AM36 Fair2713:20M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM10-04-202211:45 AM61 Sunny2363:12M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
3BACC-AM11-04-20229:30 AM58 Partly Sunny2843:29M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM11-04-20221:35 PM70 Cloudy2293:16M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
4BACC-AM04-19-202310:00 AM35 Mostly Cloudy2523:55M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM04-19-20231:30 PM55 Sunny2164:01M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
5BACC-AM05-08-20239:45 AM70 Cloudy2563:47M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM05-08-20231:58 PM59 Cloudy2193:50M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
Tornado Drills - 2 Per Year
1BACC-AM09-22-202210:00 AM57 Mostly Cloudy2514:00M. Rasmussen/D. Scharer
BACC-PM09-22-20221:17 PM57 Mostly Cloudy2093:00M. Rasmussen/C. Smith
2BACC-AM04-05-202310:00 AM70 Mostly Cloudy2603:55M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM04-05-20231:00 PM64 Mostly Cloudy2233:20M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
Lock-Down Drills - 3 per year
1BACC-AM09-16-20229:30 AM68 Partly Sunny2816:00M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe/D. Scharer

BACC-PM09-16-20221:00 PM79 Partly Sunny2376:30M. Rasmussen/C. Smith
2BACC-AM01-12-20239:00 AM42 Fog2635:30M. Rasmussen /B. Roscoe
BACC-PM01-12-202312:45 PM44 Cloudy2244:32M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
3BACC-AM03-14-20239:58 AM23 Partly Cloudy2584:46M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM03-14-20231:46 PM30 Partly Cloudy2205:04M. Rasmussen/B. Roscoe

Drill #DateWeather ConditionsTime of Day# ParticipatingTotal TimeConducting Drill
Fire Drills
109/08/202276 Sunny1:00 P.M.921:51Iveson/Wright
210/06/202255 Cloudy10:00 A.M.
311/08/202239 Sunny10:00 A.M.531:56Iveson/Wright
403/20/202334 Sunny10:00 A.M.832:19Wright/Hart
505/11/202376 Sunny1:00 P.M.814:36Iveson/Wright
Tornado Drills
109/26/202254 Partly Sunny10:00 A.M.903:22Iveson/Hart
203/02/202339 Cloudy11:30 A.M.822:04Iveson/Wright
Lock-Down Drills
110/25/202260 Mostly Sunny10:00 A.M.881:20Iveson/Wright
201/12/202341 Cloudy9:45 A.M.961:24Iveson/Wright
304/25/202340 Raining12:30 P.M.811:17Iveson/Wright

Drill #LocationDateTime of DayWeather Conditions# ParticipatingTotal TimeSupervisor
Fire Drills - 5 per year
1BACC-AM09/09/202110:0058 Partly Cloudy2413:20D. Scharer/T. Walker
BACC-PM09/09/20211:0069 Partly Cloudy2764:10D. Scharer/T. Walker
2BACC-AM10/05/20218:1560 Cloudy2415:30D. Scharer/T. Walker
BACC-PM10/05/202111:4566 Cloudy2656:00D. Scharer/T. Walker
3BACC-AM11/05/20219:3042 Mostly Clear2433:00D. Scharer/T. Walker
BACC-PM11/05/20211:3050 Mostly Clear2673:20D. Scharer/T. Walker
4BACC-AM04/19/202210:0037 Cloudy2193:00D. Scharer/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM04/19/202212:1539 Cloudy2323:15D. Scharer/B. Roscoe
5BACC-AM05/10/20219:0063 Cloudy2193:05D. Scharer/B. Roscoe
BACC-PM05/10/20211:0076 Mostly Cloudy2462:50D. Scharer/B. Roscoe
Tornado Drills - 2 Per Year
1BACC-AM09/24/202110:0059 Sunny2251:15D. Scharer
BACC-PM09/24/202112:4569 Mostly Sunny2571:05D. Scharer
2BACC-AM03/23/202210:0047 Partly Sunny2201:00D. Scharer
BACC-PM03/23/20221:0054 Partly Sunny2401:30D. Scharer
Lock-Down Drills - 3 per year
1BACC-AM09/14/20219:4527 Mostly Sunny2182:45D. Scharer/R. Sowles
BACC-PM09/14/202112:4558 Mostly Sunny2352:30D. Scharer/R. Sowles
2BACC-AM01/12/20229:0035 Partly Sunny2322:30D. Scharer/C. Smith
BACC-PM01/12/202212:4537 Partly Sunny2482:35D. Scharer/C. Smith
3BACC-AM03/15/202210:1037 Partly Sunny2282:20D. Scharer/R. Sowles
BACC-PM03/15/202212:4548 Mostly Sunny2462:15D. Scharer/R. Sowles

Drill #DateWeather ConditionsTime of Day# ParticipatingTotal TimeConducting Drill
Fire Drills
109/09/202171 Sunny1:00 P.M.721:37Iveson/Pifer
210/07/202166 Cloudy10:00 A.M.752:12Iveson/Wright
311/10/202150 Sunny10:00 A.M.721:40Iveson/Wright
403/21/202243 Sunny10:00 A.M.781:36Iveson/Wright
505/12/202282 Sunny1:00 P.M.822:18Iveson/Wright
Tornado Drills
109/27/202166 Sunny10:00 A.M.833:15Iveson/Wright
203/04/202232 Sunny11:15 A.M.752:43Iveson/Wright
Lock-Down Drills
110/26/202139 Sunny10:00 A.M.822:05Iveson/Wright
201/13/202233 Cloudy9:45 A.M.483:14Iveson/Pifer
304/25/202256 Cloudy1:00 P.M.731:48Iveson/Wright

Drill #LocationDateTime of DayWeather Conditions# ParticipatingTotal TimeSupervisor
Fire Drills - 5 per year
1BACC-AM09/17/202010:00 A.M.58 Partly Cloudy2244:08Wheaton/Walker
BACC-PM09/17/20202:00 P.M.64 Partly Cloudy2253:52Wheaton/Walker
2BACC-AM10/13/20208:15 A.M.43 Cloudy2214:45Herbert/Walker
BACC-PM10/13/202011:45 A.M.64 Sunny2324:43Herbert/Walker
3BACC-AM11/12/20209:30 A.M.
BACC-PM11/12/20201:30 P.M.
4BACC-AM04/13/202110:00 A.M.48 Sunny562:03Wheaton/Walker
BACC-PM04/13/202112:15 P.M.58 Sunny562:09Wheaton/Walker
5BACC-AM05/11/20219:00 A.M.40 Sunny2152:43Wheaton/Walker
BACC-PM05/11/20211:00 P.M.50 Partly Sunny2202:55Wheaton/Walker
Tornado Drills - 2 per year
1BACC-AM03/04/202110:00 A.M.28 Mostly Cloudy2183:11Wheaton
BACC-PM03/04/202112:45 P.M.28 Mostly Cloudy2213:02Wheaton
2BACC-AM04/28/202110:00 A.M.68 Cloudy2052:53Wheaton
BACC-PM04-28-20211:00 P.M.72 Cloudy1953:15Wheaton
Lock-Down Drills - 3 per year
1BACC-AM12/01/20209:45 A.M.
BACC-PM12/01/202012:45 P.M.
2BACC-AM01/20/20219:00 A.M.23 Cloudy2194:23Wheaton/Walker
BACC-PM01/20/202112:30 P.M.23 Cloudy2074:30Wheaton/Walker
3BACC- AM03/18/202110:10 A.M.37 Cloudy2174:32Wheaton/Walker
BACC-PM03/18/20212:10 P.M.42 Cloudy2214:30Wheaton/Walker

Fire Drills – 5 drills
1)09/15/202063 Sunny1:00 P.M.722:14Iveson/Pifer
2)10/08/202049 Sunny10:00 A.M.741:32Iveson/T. Wright
3)11/05/2020Virtual School10:00 A.M.Virtual learning
4)03/24/202157 Cloudy10:00 A.M.641:10Iveson/T. Wright
5)05/06/202152 Cloudy1:00 P.M.722:08Iveson/T. Wright
Tornado Drills – 2 drills
1)09/24/202060 Sunny10:00 A.M.662:17Iveson/T. Wright
2)03/09/202154 Fair11:15 A.M.672:46Iveson/T. Wright
Lock-Down Drills – 3 drills
1)10/22/202053 Foggy12:30 P.M.854:19Iveson/T. Wright
2)01/07/202133 Cloudy9:45 A.M.583:11Iveson/T. Wright
3)05/18/202174 Partly Cloudy1:00 P.M.722:47Iveson/T. Wright

Fire Drills – 5 drills per year; three must be prior to December 1st

Tornado Drills – 2 drills per year; one must be in the month of March

Lock-Down Drills – 3 drills per year; one must be prior to December 1st & one after January 1st

Additionally, one drill must be scheduled during a lunch period or when a majority of students are gathered.

All doors that provide a means of egress are to be kept unlocked at all times during the hours that the building is occupied.

EVACUATION:  Fire exit drills shall include complete evacuation of all occupants from the structure!


Three Drills within Branch County must be observed by the Office of Emergency Management
Questions:  Tim Miner –