Branch-ISD School Calendar

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The Branch-ISD 5 Year Common Calendar is Below

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Branch-ISD Common 5 Year Calendar

The local districts in Branch ISD have a 3-Year waiver to the Michigan rule requiring a post Labor Day start to school.  This waiver is currently set to expire after the 2022/23 school year.

YearFirst DayWinter BreakSpring Break
2020-2108/24/2012/18/20 - 01/01/2104/02/21 - 04/09/21
2021-2208/23/2112/17/21 - 12/31/2104/04/22 - 04/08/22
2022-2308/22/2212/16/22 - 01/02/2304/03/23 - 04/07/23
2023-2408/22/2312/22/23 - 01/05/2403/29/24 - 04/05/24
2024-2508/20/2412/20/24 - 01/03/2503/31/25 - 04/04/25
2025-2608/19/2512/19/25 - 01/02/2603/30/26 - 04/03/26

* The remainder of the calendar including professional development days, records days and the end of the semester to be determined on an annual basis.