Cody Hewitt

Cody Hewitt is the Branch Area Careers Center Welding Engineering Technologies Senior of the Year. Cody is a Coldwater High School senior who has been attending the BACC Welding program for the past 2 years. Cody participated in Skills USA both his junior and senior years.  His senior year he placed first in the Shielded Metal Arc Welding contest at the regional competition. That win qualified him for the 2020 Skills USA State Leadership Conference in April, but unfortunately, the event was cancelled. His junior year, Cody designed and built a “Headache rack” for his truck.   Cody also assisted on many projects including the archway that served as the Grand Entrance for the Coldwater High School Snowball.

Larry Loviska, Welding Engineering Technologies Instructor selected Cody because of his skill level and work ethic.  Cody completed a successful year of OJT at LaGrange Products and he earned excellent reviews from his supervisor. Mr. Loviska knows that Cody will be successful in the welding field. After graduating High School, Cody plans to work full time at LaGrange Products.