Nick Zegarski

Nick Zegarski is a senior at Quincy High School and attends the Culinary Arts Program at the Branch Area Careers Center.  Nick has an On-the-Job Training placement as an associate at Quincy McDonalds, under the direction of Niketa King. His responsibilities include preparing and making food, training new employees, cleaning and sanitation, and store closing tasks. His favorite part about the OJT program is training new employees.

Nick feels his OJT training has helped him improve in communication and time management. He also feels he has a good understanding of what it is like to work in a kitchen as a career.  He plans to attend culinary school, earn an associate’s degree and have a successful career in the culinary field. Nick’s hobbies include hanging out with his friends, sleeping and gaming.   Nick is involved in ProStart at the BACC. He is the son of Karmen Montgomery.