Necessary Skills

Skills Needed in Health Science

Academics: Health Science is a highly academic program. The medical language is, by nature, complex and requires the ability to read and understand word parts, their meaning, and their use in everyday medical terminology. The anatomy portion of the program is demanding and involves terms and concepts at a higher level of language and understanding as well.  Independent reading is required, and application of new information is essential.

Communication Skills: The health care industry requires excellent customer service skills, a positive attitude, and a portrayal of confidence when working with patients. Students must be able to communicate clearly in writing and while speaking.

Responsibility: Students will study ethics, first aid, CPR, infection control, and safety. They should be able to follow safety guidelines for their own well-being and that of others. The highest standards of honesty and integrity are required in this field and in this class.  Students should know that the dress code and personal hygiene standards of the medial field  are very specific. For example, no long acrylic nails (clear or white nail polish only) ,no dangling earrings, and no facial piercings are acceptable.  These standards must be met in order to have work placements.

Interpersonal Skills: It is important to get along with other people, to be a good listener ,and to have empathy for the suffering of others. A successful Health Science student is able to be a member of a team in the role of follower as well as leader.