Health Professions Year One

First Year students may choose from the following sections

  • Health Professions Fundamentals
  • Health Professions Fundamentals Plus College


Health Professions is a one-year program for juniors or seniors who are interested in a career in healthcare. Students will complete  the Michigan Health Science Standards, certification in American  Heart Association CPR and First Aid, as well as human anatomy & physiology, medical  terminology and career exploration.  In addition, students will gain valuable insight into the exciting field of healthcare  from dedicated healthcare professionals in our community.

Fundamentals Plus College:

In addition to the Fundamentals curriculum, students also dual enroll in two free Kellogg Community College (KCC) courses, one course per semester.  Students enroll in COMM 110 (Introduction to Communication Studies, 3cr) and  PSYC 201 (Introduction to Psychology, 3cr). If students have already completed these classes, other opportunities are available. A PSAT/ SAT reading score of 25, or achieve a KCC Accuplacer reading score of 244+ is required to apply to this program.

Juniors successfully completing Fundamentals or Fundamentals Plus College may apply for one of many Health Professions second year options for senior year.