Health Science Program Syllabus


This course focuses on the development of students who are interested in a health care career.  Instruction is based on the National Health Care Skill Standards, which represent the skill and knowledge, both academic and technical, necessary to pursue a full range of health care professions.

The first year focuses on the core curriculum, which provides the basic entry-level knowledge and skills required for a variety of health occupations.  Students will explore careers through classroom investigation, the use of technology, guest speakers and job shadowing.  Those successfully completing the first year curriculum (75% or better on all tasks, tests and skills) are eligible to apply for a variety of second year options.

In addition, national recognition may be achieved after successful completion of the required portfolio, scoring 70% or better on the competency examination sponsored by the National Consortium on Health Science Education (NCHSE), and meeting all first year requirements.

National Healthcare Foundation Standards and Accountability Criteria

Based on: National Healthcare Skill Standards

Accountability criteria have been established for each foundation standard to better define the expectations for meeting the standard and to provide content for curriculum design and measurement and certification of achievement.


Foundation Standard 1: Academic Foundation

Healthcare professionals will know the academic subject matter required for proficiency within their area. They will use this knowledge as needed in their role. The following accountability criteria are considered essential for students in a health science program of study.


Foundation Standard 2: Communications

Healthcare professionals will know the various methods of giving and obtaining information. They will communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.


Foundation Standard 3: Systems

Healthcare professionals will understand how their role fits into their department, their organization and the overall healthcare environment. They will identify how key systems affect services they perform and quality of care.


Foundation Standard 4: Employability Skills

Healthcare professionals will understand how employability skills enhance their employment opportunities and job satisfaction. They will demonstrate key employability skills and will maintain and upgrade skills, as needed.


Foundation Standard 5: Legal Responsibilities

Healthcare professionals will understand the legal responsibilities, limitations, and implications of their actions within the healthcare delivery setting. They will perform their duties according to regulations, policies, laws and legislated rights of clients.


Foundation Standard 6: Ethics

Healthcare professionals will understand accepted ethical practices with respect to cultural, social, and ethnic differences within the healthcare environment. They will perform quality healthcare delivery.


Foundation Standard 7: Safety Practices

Healthcare professionals will understand the existing and potential hazards to clients, co-workers, and self. They will prevent injury or illness through safe work practices and follow health and safety policies and procedures.


Foundation Standard 8: Teamwork

Healthcare professionals will understand the roles and responsibilities of individual members as part of the healthcare team, including their ability to promote the delivery of quality healthcare. They will interact effectively and sensitively with all members of the healthcare team.


Foundation Standard 9: Health Maintenance Practices

Healthcare professionals will understand the fundamentals of wellness and the prevention of disease processes. They will practice preventive health behaviors among the clients.


Foundation Standard 10: Technical Skills

Healthcare professionals will apply technical skills required for all career specialties. They will demonstrate skills and knowledge as appropriate.


Foundation Standard 11: Information Technology Applications

Healthcare professionals will use information technology applications required within all career specialties. They will demonstrate use as appropriate to healthcare applications.