Students on the Winter Community Service committee at the Branch Area Careers Center present checks to Renate Brenneke, Branch Area Food Pantry representative, and Connie Winbigler, Altrusa International member, Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at their winter assembly.

Students at the Branch Area Careers Center recently organized and conducted a community service project entitled “Happy Mouths, Happy Feet” to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.  The goal of the project was to collect non-perishable food items and funds to help support the Branch Area Food Pantry and The Happy Feet Program, which is sponsored by Altrusa International.  The students were able to raise $1835.16 and 471 food items were donated.

Connie Wibigler, Altrusa International Happy Feet committee member, and Renate Brenneke, Branch Area Food Pantry representative, joined the students at an assembly on December 19, 2018 to receive the donations.  Benneke commented that for every one dollar given to the food pantry they are able to buy five dollars’ worth of food items through the Food Bank of South Central Michigan.  She emphasized to the students the importance of their donation.  Winbigler was also grateful for the donation.  Because winter came early this year, Happy Feet has had a greater need and is expecting to provide over $10,000 worth of shoes and boots to kids in Branch County.