Education Professions Career Cluster

Education Professions is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in education. From entry level positions as paraprofessionals to superintendent or college president, everyone must learn the basic concepts of education.


Education General (Mrs. Karen Sobeske)

Education Fundamentals is a one-year program for juniors or seniors who are interested in a career in education.  Students will complete the CTE curriculum, as well as take the ETS Paraprofessional assessment, participate in job shadow placement rotations and career exploration.  In addition, students will gain valuable insight into the exciting field of education from dedicated professional educators in our community. Students may also earn both articulated and dual enrollment college credit and work toward credentials in the field of education.


Education Professions

Making a difference in people’s lives…
The impact a teacher can have on someone’s life is profound. Everyone has a favorite teacher–someone they admired, who taught them not just subject matter but life lessons as well. This course is open to college bound juniors and/or seniors who have an interest in the field of education as a career. According to the American Teacher Federation, Michigan ranks in the top ten for the average teacher and starting teacher salaries. Being a teacher is one career track. In the program, you will discover many other career possibilities in the field of education.

Education Academy (Mrs. Kayla Monville)

Juniors successfully completing the Education Fundamentals program are eligible to apply to and interview for opportunities in Education Academy for their senior year.  Students will be placed three days a week based on their area of interest in the field of education (classroom teaching, special education, athletic director, speech therapy, school psychology, art, music, physical education, etc.) with dual enrollment classes at KCC twice a week.  Students may also earn both articulated and dual enrollment college credit and work toward credentials in the field of education


“Attending the BACC Education General program provided experience and knowledge that was fundamental to my success at Eastern Michigan University.  I was able to be a part of multiple classrooms and practice all of the skills that I use now! Coming into my field of study I already had two years of experience, this helped me keep up with course work, and eased the stress of new job placements! In my time at the BACC I earned:  CDA (Child Development Associate Credential), Work Keys Certificate, 3.0 credit hours from dual enrolment at KCC, 2 scholarships, and passing scores on the MTTC Pre.   As of 2016 I have been inducted into The International Honors Society of Educators, Kappa Delta Pi. I truly believe that this, along with my success at EMU, would not have been possible without the opportunities given to me by the BACC!”

Cassidy Brewer – Lead Toddler Teacher Love Learn Laughter Montessori Preschool

2017 EMU Graduate: B.A. Elementary and Early Childhood Education

“This class helped me determine what I wanted to do in my future. With taking the Education General class, I got ahead in so many aspects. I earned college credits, obtained my Child Development Associate credential, and it let me experience what it was like to actually teach.”

-Tarissa Lofton 2013 WMU Freshman