The Branch Area Careers Center offers 14 Career and Technical Education Programs to males and females in Branch and surrounding counties.  Placement into the various programs depends on interest, aptitude, and ability. Students are placed in programs on an individual basis according to their Educational Development Plan (EDP).

Both college-bound and non-college-bound students are encouraged to attend.  Traditionally, students begin training in their junior year; however, many seniors also take advantage of the opportunity.  In special circumstances, early placements are made and students may enroll prior to the eleventh grade.

Opportunities are available for Special Education Students to participate in all BACC programs, as well as related special education vocational programs.

See your school counselor for enrollment at the Branch Area Careers Center.


 Special Enrollment Programs

Health Professions Plus College program requires a special enrollment registration form.  The form may be accessed directly on the Health Professions  program page.