Necessary Skills


The students should be able to read stories out loud to preschool children and be comfortable sitting in front of peers while reading to children. It is important to read and follow lesson plans. Students will read curriculum on how children grow and learn. Students should be able to write out step-by-step learning activities for young children.


It is important to be able to get along with adults and peers. Teamwork is important; students must work cooperatively as a member of a team.

Placement Skills

The student should have the ability to take constructive criticism to improve one’s teaching skills. The student must be able to keep personal life separate from work life. It is important to be able to put the needs of the children before one’s own needs. The student should expect to go to work even when he/ she is not feeling in the best health or mood. It is essential that the student enjoy being around children, even when they are not behaving as they should. Being able to see good in every child, no matter what their behavior, is essential.


The student must be able to keep personal information about children confidential. Children are entitled to confidentiality.


The student should be able to work without constant supervision. It is important to show initiative; look for work to do when the current job is finished. Good attendance is essential because teachers and children are depending on the student to be there and assist them.