Skills Needed to Suceed in Collision Repair

To be able to obtain and hold a job in Collision Repair and Coatings Technologies, you must have a good attitude towards your employer and your job. You must have job skills that help you repair and refinish automobiles. You will be working closely with other employees and should have the ability to cooperate, to accept responsibility, and to follow instructions accurately.

The tasks an Auto Body Repair person and Refinisher must do are various. You must be able to replace or repair body panels, glass, moldings, bumpers, vinyl tops, etc. You will also have to clean, sand, apply metal conditioner, mask, prime, paint, and buff a vehicle. These tasks must be performed accurately.  You must also practice safety at all times. You must wear appropriate filters and shields to guard your health and body. You will have some contact with customers. You may at times be working under pressure in order to get an automobile back on the road.