Necessary Skills


The student must demonstrate the ability to work independently and take full responsibility for procedures established. This includes completing assigned work, reading assignments, and following attendance procedures.


Due to the technical nature of the program, the student will demonstrate high school level technical reading and writing skills and algebra-level math.


Due to the amount of curriculum covered throughout the year, good attendance is crucial. Students who maintain a high absentee rate will fail the course.

Communication Skills

For the purpose of customer service, the student must possess excellent communication skills. It is expected that the students have daily contact with fellow students and staff members.

Problem Solving Skills

The student must possess a level of maturity in which appropriate problem solving skills are utilized. Problems will range from software, hardware, and network related problems. When problems develop, the students must be able to work together to resolve issues and learn to grow from mistakes.


Due to security concerns with computers and networks, the student must be capable of maintaining confidentiality at all times.