From Left to right. Peter Nottingham, Bryce Pagel, Noah Anzaldua, Marvin Gage (Instructor), Andrew Check and Eve Berndt (Mentors) not present Alex Aseltine, Jonathan Annis and Khaled Gabri.

MICHIGAN DESIGN PRIZE 2019 CHALLENGE: Design a physical product that improves and beautifies the lives of Michigan’s citizens

Concept Description:

Our Wheelchair conversion kit enables people to more easily explore the beaches and hiking trails of Michigan, without being limited by their current wheelchair.  Because our design can retrofit into virtually any standard wheelchair, the user can easily assemble the system themselves, removing the need for help from another person.  By making our kit more compact and portable, we’re also removing the need to buy a separate chair made for rougher terrain.  The rear tread attachment can be secured by the user rolling their wheelchair backward into the track.  They can then roll forward, securing their front wheels into each of the front tracks, which have a built-in suspension system.  A quick release feature on the front tracks makes for an easy disassembly process.

Michigan Design Council Evaluation – Judge’s Comments

“The team really thought through a lot of details from mechanical elements to how users can adapt it to their current wheelchair.”

“This wheelchair would really bring more freedom to Michigan residents and allow them to be more independent and see more of the state.”

“The level of prototyping the team did is fantastic and a real inspiration for what can be done at the high school level.”

Wheelchair side view Wheelchair, back view Noah Anzaldua