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The Branch County Early College Program is a unique opportunity that will allow your child the opportunity to graduate with a high school diploma, transferable college credits, an associate degree, a technical certificate, or any combination of these. Your local High School works in collaboration with Kellogg Community College, and when applicable, the Branch Area Career Center, to provide your child with this educational opportunity.

Early College Overview

All Sophomore students are eligible to apply to the Branch County Early College Program. Students who are accepted into the program will have a bonus year of high school where they will be attending KCC classes to meet their educational goals. The advantage of participating in this program is two-fold. First, the student is able to be a full time college student, but your local high school will cover most all the cost of classes and books . Secondly, the student has the added support of both high school and college staff to help guide the student through the first year of full time college classes helping to ensure a successful transition to full time college life. 

To be accepted into the program students must complete the application and earn a qualifying score on the Accuplacer test. Once a student is accepted into the program, students and parents will have an interview with the Branch County Early College team to ensure that this program is a good fit.

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