Definitions, Explanations, and Articulation

Definitions and Explanations

Completer: Student has successfully completed 100% of the tasks located in modules 1 and 2, 70% of the tasks in segments 2 thru 7, and has started work on segment #8. The student must be enrolled in the Automotive Technologies program for 2 consecutive years. Additionally, the student must maintain a 2.0 or better GPA. If the student has acheived these goals, he/she will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Concentrator: If a student was unable to meet the criteria of a “Completer” then, he/she will earn a Certificate of Participation.

Articulation:In order for the student to earn college articulation, the student must earn a Certificate of Completion, AND pass the State of Michigan Automotive Certification exam in the subject area the student wishes to earn articulation in.


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Articulation Agreements:

Listed below are colleges in which the Automotive Technologies program has articulation agreements with. See Counselors at both the BACC and the perspective college that you are interested in for more details.

  • unoh

    University of NorthWest Ohio

    Lima, OH

  • jc-logo-color

    Jackson Community College

    2111 Emmons Road
    Jackson, MI 49201

  • baker

    Baker College

    Owosso, MI

  • otc_logo_256x256

    Ohio Diesel Technical Institute

    1374 East 51st Street
    Cleveland, OH 44103

  • lincolntech-logo

    Lincoln Tech

    7225 Winton Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46268

  • glen-oaks

    Glen Oaks Community College

    62249 Shimmel Road
    Centerville, MI 49032

  • ferris-state

    Ferris State University

    1201 S. State St.
    Big Rapids, MI 49307