The Branch Area Careers Center places a high priority on attendance.  The attendance pattern a student establishes at the center sets a pattern for his/her employment or continuing education after graduation from high school.

To benefit from the primary purpose of the school experience, it is essential students maintain regular and punctual daily attendance.  Attendance in a Career and Technology Education Program at the BACC can affect grades earned by students.  The purpose of the attendance policy is to help students develop regular and punctual attendance in order to maintain academic standards for earning credit.

Regular attendance is expected. It enables a student to hear and participate in class instruction, discussion and lab experiences.  Such experiences cannot be developed at home or when frequently late.

Definition of an Absence

All student absences accumulate toward the allowed number of absences, with the exception of the following:  School Related Releases, College visits that are pre-arranged with your sending school, and suspensions.  Students are required to document their absences as they occur.  If the absences are documented as they occur, a student will have the opportunity to request a credit recovery appeal.

A tardy is recorded anytime a student arrives 30 minutes or less late to class or leaves class 30 minutes or less early from class.  After 30 minutes, an absence will be recorded.  Tardies accumulate toward the total number of allowed absences.  The total of three (3) tardies equals one (1) absence.

Absence Procedure

When students are absent from a BACC program, they are required to call in and report the absence to the program manager.  The program manager will provide a phone contact number.  In a case where the student is unable to make the call, a parent may make contact with the attendance secretary at 279-5700 to report the student’s absence.

Advanced notification and documentation are recommended when possible for vacations and personal business.  All absences, including illness, will count toward the cumulative total of absences for a semester/trimester/term.

Written documentation is required upon students’ return to the BACC.


Written documentation for days not in attendance must be provided within 24 hours of return, and given to the Attendance Coordinator.  The documentation will be placed in the student’s file.

Written documentation is a statement from a medical office, funeral, court or other professional source, or parent verifying the appointment or absence.

Documentation does not “excuse” the absences or reduce the total number of days absent.  See Definition of an Absence for allowable days.

Consequence of Absences

Students with excessive absences are advised that these absences could lead to the inability to earn full credit, and are referred to the BACC counselors.

Parents will receive an automated phone call for each student absence.  Please call the BACC Attendance Secretary at 279-5700 if you are not receiving these calls.

When a student is absent 1 to 3 days, the Program Manager will advise the student of the number of absences and encourage the student to provide documentation and attend school.  When a student is absent for the fourth time, the Program Manager will discuss absences/tardies with student, encourage documentation for the absences and contact parents.  When a student is absent for the fifth time, their counselor will contact student and parent/guardian and discuss the BACC Attendance Policy.  BACC counselors will also contact the home school counselor.  Counselors will initiate a Student Attendance Intervention Plan.  When a student is absent on the eighth day, the BACC counselor will contact the parent/guardian and home school counselor and principal and will discuss the BACC Attendance Policy and credit loss potential.  When a student has their tenth absence, the BACC Counselor will again contact the parent/guardian, home school counselor and principal as well as provide all documentation to the Truancy Officer.  The student at this point will not earn credit in the program unless they successfully pass a semester exam with a 70% or higher.

Parent/Guardian will receive attendance letters on the 4th and 8th absence.

Early Dismissal

  1. All students wishing to be excused early from their BACC class must check out with the BACC Main Office. Keep in mind that if a student is gone more than 30 minutes it is marked as an absence, and if less than 30 minutes it is marked as a tardy.  This dismissal requires direct approval of the student’s parent or guardian, or note in advance from the student’s parent or guardian.

Parental approval is not needed if:
* a student has reached the age of 18 years, and has an “age of majority” form, signed by the parents/guardians, on file at the Center
* a student is emancipated i.e. married or court approved.

      Students not residing with his/her parents or guardian, please contact the BACC counselor or assistant principal.

2. Early release of student for home school activities (i.e., pep-assemblies, class meetings, etc.) will occur only with prior approval of the home school principal.

3. Home Schooled Students will follow the BACC Calendar.

Make-Up WorkIt is the student’s responsibility to obtain make-up work from the program manager on the day of return.  In courses in which student participation in experiments, “hands-on” training in techniques, and the like are essential to achieving the goals of a course and provision for makeup is not feasible educationally or logistically, the student shall be notified that absences beyond a given number could result in credit reduction.

Excessive Tardiness – Excessive tardiness will be handled the same as absences, the student is referred to the principal and warned about the consequences of additional tardies and parental contact is made if appropriate.  Three tardies equal one absence for the purpose of tracing the student’s minimum attendance of 90% (less than 10 days absent) per semester.  When tardy, report directly to your program.  Program managers will notify the attendance office of the tardy.  Keep in mind that if a student is gone less than 30 minutes it is counted as a tardy.

Excessive Tardies will result in suspension:

6   Tardies =  2 day In-School Suspension

8   Tardies =  4 day In-School Suspension

10  Tardies =  6 day In-School Suspension

Note:  In-School Suspension will be assigned for each tardy after 10.