BACC Honors Advisory Committee Members

Spring Advisory Honorees

On April 18, 2017, the Branch Area Careers Center honored its Advisory Committee members for their years of service.  Advisory Committees are established for each program at the BACC and provide critical advice and leadership in the respective industry for each program.   These committees serve as the sounding board for decisions made regarding equipment purchases, labor market trends, technology, facility appropriateness, in-servicing for teachers, and various specific industry requirements to make each program cutting edge.  The Advisory Committees are the backbone to success of the BACC programs.

Each spring the BACC holds an overall Advisory Committee meeting.  This year that included an update from the CTE Director, Jamie Engel.  Engel highlighted the final construction of the Swine Barn for the Agri-Science program. He recognized BACC teacher Karen Sobeske as the Coldwater Chamber Educator of the Year. He informed the group that the BACC was awarded a 51c Grant in which equipment purchases for programs were made and he also talked about the new partnership with KCC and MSU in the Institute of Agricultural Technology program.  Jenn Searls, Careers Consultant for Branch County Schools, also discussed Branch County Career development strategies and programs for students. Searls highlighted the Early Middle College program that has positively impacted all high schools in Branch County.

The meeting honored members who have served on various BACC Advisory committees for an extended period.  Recognized for 5 years of service were:  Kyle Garnsay, Ben Miller, Doug Albright, and Matt Lindsey.  Recognized for 10 years of service were Debra Yee and Jim White.  Recognized for 15 years of service was Todd Cranson.  Recognized for 20 years of service were Linda Moraniec and Scott Carpenter.

Thank you to all those who share their time and knowledge with our staff and students!  We appreciate you!