Alexis Caudill

Alexis Caudill is a Bronson High School senior enrolled in the Health Science program at the Branch Area Careers Center.  Alexis’s OJT placement is at Maple Lawn Medical Care Facility under the direction of Linda Moraniec.  She assists residents in all aspects of daily living including answering call lights, taking vital signs, preparing residents for meals and bedtime, and assisting with resident care.

She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and plans to attend college to pursue a degree as a Registered Nurse.  She hopes one day to work in Obstetrics or Emergency. Alexis believes her OJT training has taught her to be loyal, honest, hardworking and prepared her for a successful career in the health field.  Her favorite part of her job is taking care and getting to know each of the residents. She enjoys listening to their stories and spending time with them.

Alexis is a member of the Branch Area Careers Center HOSA chapter.  She competes in HOSA contests during the school year. In her spare time, Alexis likes reading, having fun with her dog and siblings, and hanging out with her family and friends. Alexis is the daughter of Amy Caudill and Brad Washburn.