Huntir Wilson

Huntir Wilson - OJT

Huntir Wilson is a senior from Bronson High School and attends the Branch Area Careers Center’s Environmental & Agri-Science program.  His On-The-Job-Training placement is as a Certified Water Management Specialist with Squirt Irrigation LLC under the supervision of John Nettleman.  Huntir sells soil moisture probes and works with customers on irrigation recommendations.  He also sells and creates Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) prescriptions.  He says his OJT job has taught him how crops uptake water and the crucial timing of correct irrigation.  He has learned the most important growing points of a plant and this knowledge and training will assist him in college and in his career.  Huntir’s favorite part of his job is doing what he loves and being a salesman in the Agricultural Industry.  Huntir’s future plans are to pursue a degree in Crop and Soil Science and own a successful Agronomy business.

At Bronson High School, Huntir is a Student Council member. At the BACC, Huntir is the FFA Chapter Treasurer and has been an FFA member for 3 years.  In his spare time, he enjoys hunting and outdoor activities.  He also is Farm Manager of Nettleman Farms.   Huntir is the son of Jason and Debra Wilson.