Students experience real world work opportunities at the Community Health Center of Branch County, Maple Lawn Medical Care Facility, The Laurels of Coldwater, and other area healthcare service providers.


If you have ever imagined yourself caring for newborns, performing surgery, diagnosing illnesses, working in a busy trauma center or in some way providing care for people, then the Health Sciences Pathway might be for you. Healthcare careers are among the fastest growing in the country now, and the increase in life expectancy means more workers will be needed into the future.

At the Branch Area Careers Center, we have teachers, mentors and working professionals ready to show you the possibilities and help you get started on the healthcare future of your dreams. In the classroom, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in college and beyond. Through clinical rotations, you’ll explore specific careers first hand.

The following programs are available to juniors and first year seniors:


Health Science Fundamentals is a one year program for juniors or seniors who are interested in a career in healthcare.  Students will complete the national foundation skills standards, certification in American Heart Association CPR and First Aid, as well as human anatomy, medical terminology and career exploration.  In addition, students will gain valuable insight into the exciting field of healthcare from dedicated healthcare professionals in our community.  Juniors successfully completing the program are eligible to apply to and interview for opportunities in OJT, Health Practicum or Health Academy for the senior year.


Students successful in the first year programs of Health Science can apply to any of the following capstone experiences for their senior year:


Paid work experience in a professional healthcare environment. One example is a certified nursing assistant in a long-term care facility. Be ready for college and have a great job at the same time!

Health Practicum

Exciting clinical rotations at the hospital or other healthcare sites allow students to explore a variety of career options while working with, and learning from, practicing professionals — right in their workplace. Graduate with the skills and knowledge to enter college or the workforce with confidence!

Health Academy

The most rigorous program in the pathway, the Health Academy offers clinical rotationsPLUS 8 college credit hours at Kellogg Community College. Begin post-secondary education already prepared for challenging college courses as well as future clinical experiences!


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