The Branch House is our in-house learning lab for the Culinary arts and Hospitality program at the BACC.

We are please to offer banquet service and luncheons to the public.

Please call 279-5756 or email Mrs. Dogan for more information.

3rd Annual Culinary Showcase

Thursday May 10, 2018
Please join us for an open house 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
(this is an open house, so join us any time after 5:00)

Enjoy Culinary Demonstrations and Tastings from Around the Globe

For Tickets ($20 each):
Call Kristen Dogan at 517-279-5756

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I’m not sure the reasoning but a couple of years ago they stopped announcing all of the scholarships that our ProStart and Skills USA students receive at the senior recognition ceremony. I want to make sure to recognize all of your hard work. Seniors will you please post your specific scholarships and amounts on this post? You deserve the recognition as we are so proud of your hard work! Our students earned over $100,000 in scholarships at ProStart alone. Kelsie and Heidi also earned American Culinary..

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PM Seniors! Woo Hoo We miss all of our seniors already

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Photos from BACC Branch House Restaurant's post

Woo Hoo! Congratulations AM Seniors

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Students showcase culinary talents

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Well! You cheflets really rocked it out tonight. As you say my Facebook page “is blowing up” with compliments! You not only prepared delicious food, you were articulate, knowledgeable, and very professional! Be very very proud of yourselves Kelsie, Joshua, Heidi, Kayla, Kellieanne Alvarez, Brendan, Ana, Jay, Jeniffer, Megan, Makayla, Sky, Lexi, Cody, Johan, Drake, Konner, Dustin, Brian, and our awesome servers Erin Matthes, Ashlyn, and Haley,

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