The Branch House is our in-house learning lab for the Culinary arts and Hospitality program at the BACC.

We are please to offer banquet service and luncheons to the public.

Please call 279-5756 or email Mrs. Dogan for more information.

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Branch Area Careers Center


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I don’t have pictures, but from all accounts our students were AMAZING representatives of the BACC last night at the Community Health Center Gala! True professionals!

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Photos from BACC Branch House Restaurant's post

Our cheflets rocked our first catering event! Motz and I are so proud to be your teachers. Congratulations to the Branch County Community Foundation on its 25th Anniversary, your hard work in supporting our community is 2nd to none. We feel honored to have been a part of the celebration.

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Toast Inc

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For the corner store?

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