The Branch Area Careers Center places a high priority on attendance. The attendance pattern a student establishes at the BACC usually sets a pattern for their continuing education or work behaviors after graduation from high school.

To benefit from the primary purpose of the school experience, it is essential that each student maintain a regular and punctual daily attendance in all assigned classes. Class attendance is necessary for learning and academic achievement, as well as for developing the habits of punctuality, dependability, and self-discipline.

  • BACC allows six (6) days documented absences per local school trimester or nine (9) days documented absences per local school semester.
  • Three (3) tardies equals one (1) absence. Our policy is not to reduce absences that are excused. We are preparing the students for the world of work, and excessive absences most often lead to loss of employment.
  • If a student experiences seven (7) days or more for LEA trimester or ten (10) days or more for LEA semesters, the student will not be able to earn full credit for the trimester/semester. The student may request an attendance appeal to recover credit.
  • Students are required to call the program manager and report an absence within 30 minutes of the start of the program session. They are also required to fill out an absence report with parent/guardian signature and/or provide professional/medical documentation.